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Why I am a Chiropractor

Posted: August 15, 2018
By: Dr. Louis Amantea

It's hard to believe that it all started more than 60 years ago! As a young child I watched my mother struggle with migraines and my dad suffer with debilitating asthma. They began getting regularly adjusted by their chiropractor and experienced incredible and life-changing results. As with most people under regular chiropractic care the results spoke for themselves and they began to bring me as a young child in order to receive the benefits of a properly functioning spine and nervous system.

When it came time to choose a field of study, it was only natural for me to decide on a career in chiropractic. I had seen and experienced first hand the benefits as I watched it literally change the lives and health of my family.

When I arrived at Palmer College of Chiropractic there were more than 250 students in my orientation class many of whom had equally impressive personal experiences with chiropractic success stories. Almost every student in the room had a compelling story to tell about the journey that led them to Chiropractic College. These stories ranged from individuals that had had career ending sports injuries being told they would never walk again to life-threatening seizure conditions and other devastating diagnoses that were overcome by their experiences with chiropractic care. There were not many dry eyes as each person shared their "chiropractic miracle" story.

Here it is 44 years later and I have the same commitment and enthusiasm for chiropractic and what it can do for the lives of each and every patient. Over the past decades, I have been privileged and fortunate to positively affect the health of thousands through chiropractic care and teaching people of their body's innate ability to heal and be healthy. Although I've had the affirmation of many people I've helped over the years, truly feeling that I have touched and improved the lives of some of whom I've cared for is the most gratifying reward.  It has been a very satisfying career that I cherish! Thanks for being a part of CHC (Chiropractic Health Center) and my amazing journey!

Yours in Health,

Dr. A