1. Is there anything I need to do prior to my appointment?  Yes, all potential patients are required to complete and submit a Health Questionnaire and Metabolic Assessment Form.
    We ask you to fax, mail, or drop off the form to us.
  2. What should I bring to my appointment?  Please bring your supplements and medications, medical records and labs from the last 2-3 years. 
  3. How long are Whole Body Health appointments? Initial appointments are 60-90 minutes in length.  Follow ups are 30-60 min in length depending on complexity.
  4. Do you accept insurance? No, we are a self-pay practice.  Our office does not work with insurance providers or referrals. 
  5. What is the typical investment for Whole Body Health appointments? The investment for all appointments with Dr. Jess will be $180 per hour. This includes phone appointments. This will be prorated for time (ie: most appointments run 1-1.5 hours which will be $180-270 for your visit, or a 15 min appt will be $45).  Nutritional Counseling appointments are billed at $100 per hour and are prorated for time.  We accept personal checks and credit cards.  See our What to Expect page for New Patient package.
  6. Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept all forms of credit.
  7. Do you have payment plans? Yes, we have payment plan options available.
  8. Will I receive documentation to submit to my insurance company?  Yes, you will receive a receipt in the form of a “Superbill”. We do not work directly with your insurance company in submitting paperwork. 
  9. Why is there a $100 deposit? Due to our specialty, we require this to keep your appointment. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy.  Should you need to reschedule, the deposit will be saved for the rescheduled appointment.  If you reschedule more than twice, the deposit will be forfeited. 
  10. Can I use insurance for lab work?  Yes.  Depending on your insurance plan you could pay nothing for your routine labs or a deductible. It is impossible for any medical practice to know what your unique insurance plan covers and or carries for deductibles. Functional medicine lab work is typically not fully covered and carries co-pays. It is the patients’ responsibility for payment should there be additional fees. Please call your insurance before having any labs drawn.
  11. Can appointments be performed via phone?   Yes, we do offer phone appointments as long as we have seen you in our office for an initial consultation and at least once yearly thereafter.  
  12. I just want to check my lab levels. Do I still need a full appointment? Yes, for your safety and ours; medically-legally we are bound to offer top care with due-diligence.
  13. I just need a refill. Do I still need to have an appointment?  Yes, for your safety and ours, medically-legally we are bound to offer top care with due-diligence.
  14. Is there a Cancellation or No-Show policy?  Yes.  We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Should you cancel or reschedule within the 48 hours prior to your appointment you will be responsible for a $50 charge. 
  15. What are your hours?  Hours are by appointment only.
  16. Do you offer other services?  Yes, Dr. Roan offers full chiropractic care and Roann offers group detoxes and nutritional counseling. Both Dr. Roan and Roann Karns are available for health presentations large and small.

To book your appointment, call 508-234-8222, email Roann or fill out the New Patient Forms.